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International Diploma


When a learner decides to follow the international Full time course, the learner will attend classes at the Academy everyday of the week for the first year after which Students will attend classes on a Part Time basis in their second year while working in a registered salon towards their Practical workplace experience. When the learner has successfully completed both levels, he/she will be allowed to undergo the Final Practical Assessment


This Level enables learners to develop the skills required to become professional hairdressers. This is the first of 2 Levels which culminate in a professional hairdressing qualification. This Level is designed to serve as an introduction to the hairdressing industry and provide the learner with the basics of hairdressing.


This Level builds on the QCF Level 2, bringing learners another step closer to becoming professional hairdressers. This Level is registered with QCF and focuses on core hairdressing activities of cutting, relaxing, styling and colouring.  In particular, the QCF Level 3 should result in the learner achieving the status of a Junior Stylist, capable of performing many hairdressing services competently, though still under the supervision of a professional stylist.

Continuing with this level students will focus on advanced hairdressing techniques such as perming, advanced colouring, braiding, dreadlocks and on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to set up and manage their own businesses. The inclusion of business skills in this qualification is essential, due to the very large number of skilled professionals who set up their own businesses at some point during their career, of which a significant number do so immediately after completing their qualification.

This course is Internationally Accredited by City & Guilds through the Qualifications and Credit Framework QCF of England, Wales and Northern Ireland enabling students to gain international experience and equipping them to work in a global market.

Recognition of the City & Guilds Hairdressing qualification:

The City & Guilds Hairdressing qualifications have industry recognition, i.e. recognition for the purpose of employment.  The Employers’ Organisation for Hairdressing, Cosmetology and Beauty (EOHCB) and UASA, The Union, therefore recognise the City & Guilds qualifications for the purpose of employment. Industry recognition focuses on determining whether the qualification holder possesses sufficient skills and competencies to pursue the profession or career in question in the receiving country. The level of skills and competencies of candidates who study the City & Guilds Hairdressing qualifications are established through a final practical assessment that candidates need to completer in order to be regarded as a hairdresser in South Africa.